Thursday, July 22, 2010

T Minus 53 Days

I was curious as to how many days are left until my due date, so I found one of those countdown clocks where you put a date in and it calculates, and I found out I'm due in 53 days! That just blows my mind! It seems like everything is really starting to come together for her arrival, too. My shower at work is on Tuesday, HubbyButt's mom is starting to plan my other shower, I'm getting ready to go on leave, and we're finally starting to get baby clothes and toys and all that. I think what really made me start to think about how close we are to actually being parents is the fact that I made all the rest of my check-up appointments the other day. I mean, five more visits with my doctor, and I'll be a mommy (assuming, of course, Princess waits until forty weeks to arrive). Just seeing those few appointments on the card from the office just really REALLY put it all in perspective. I'm so excited!

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