Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer in Southern California Means...

Wildfires. Right now, there are two very large fires burning in the mountains around where I live. The Bull Fire is burning near Kernville, and the West Fire is burning in Tehachapi. From my house in Bakersfield, you can see some dark smoke to the southeast, from the West Fire, and to the north/northeast, from the Bull Fire. These two fires have destroyed between 30 and 50 homes combined, which I can only imagine is extremely devastating for the homeowners and the communities being affected. The American Red Cross has set up an account to accept donations for families affected by the fires. I'm obviously not a reporter, but this is something that's really touching me right now, and I'm keeping the residents of the affected communities in my prayers, and I encourage you to do the same. 
These photos were NOT taken by me. The one on the left is from photographer Mike Meadows, and the photo is an AP photo. It's a picture taken from westbound highway 58 of the West Fire, taken from about 50 miles away at the base of the mountains where the fire is burning. The photo above is from the Bull Fire, and was taken by Kern River Valley Resident Sherry Gaskin. You can see more photos from the West Fire here, and photos of the Bull Fire here.

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