Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 7: A Photo That Makes Me Happy

Right now, I have 2 pictures that make me happy. The first was taken last June, when HubbyButt and I decided to spend some time taking pictures in the park. He tackled me and started tickling me, so I couldn't decide if I was supposed to laugh or be angry. Hehe. I really really love this picture. As our friend Wendy put it when talking about another picture taken the same day, "In 20 years you'll look back on this one and remember the new love glowing in your eyes!" I think we got married a week or 2 after this picture was taken, and Wendy's right, there is new love glowing in our eyes; we just make each other so happy!

This second one is the first one taken of Princess where she actually looks like a baby. Her heart was nice and strong even then. The day this picture was taken the first time we ever heard our little girl's heartbeat. I'll never forget the way HubbyButt's face lit up when we heard that, or the way I felt at that moment. I just knew there was a little miracle living inside me, and that everything was going to be okay. One the day this picture was taken, I had lost 25 pounds and was still vomiting more than once an hour (sorry if it's TMI, but this IS my blog, lol); after seeing our little miracle and hearing her heartbeat and really knowing that she was okay no matter how sick I was, I started getting better. I only vomited one more time that day and was released to go back to work the next week; I was able to eat again and started getting back to health. So, it's more about the sound I associate with this picture that makes me happy, but it's still a picture that makes me happy!

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  1. loving the blog so far, your doing a great job!