Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 3: My Favorite TV Show

Okay, this one's tough. I haven't had cable in ages, but I still have my cable shows that I try to keep up on, thanks to Hulu and Netflix. One non-cable show I love is Desperate Housewives (which I watch on Hulu, thanks to work). Hulu keeps me hooked on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Cheesy, I know, but it's addicting!

One of my favorite shows of all time was Gilmore Girls. The messes mom and daughter found themselves in, and the hilarity that surrounded life in Star's Hollow, were just too good to pass up. Plus, I always fancied myself a bit like Rory, though there's no way I could ever get into Harvard and/or Yale, and, although I am quite the reader, Rory reads at a pace I could never match!

It seems like I watch a lot of TV, but I guess I really don't. I know I'd rather wrap myself up in a good book or a good article online most of the time. What are some shows you can't miss a single episode of?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 2: My Favorite Movie

Easy one! Far and away, My Girl. My Girl was my first favorite movie, and I just always come back to it. I think it's something about the father/daughter/new woman thing that just gets me. I've never had a good relationship with my dad, and even though Veda's relationship with her dad is distant and somewhat dysfunctional, it was always paradise compared to what my dad and I shared (or didn't share...). At least Veda's dad was around and somewhat involved in her life; he knew her friends and, after Thomas Jay's death, it became clear just how much his little girl meant to him: this is the kind of father that would do anything to make sure his baby was really and truly okay.

Am I jealous of Veda's relationship with father? Of course I am. I remember the one time I said, "I love you" to my dad. We were doing the bi-weekly switch back to mom at the halfway point between Bakersfield and Porterville, and he didn't say it back. Instead, he gave me a one-armed hug and told me to behave myself. I was twelve years old and devastated. I was this man's only daughter and he couldn't make himself tell me he loved me too! Maybe it was the way he was brought up, maybe it was that he didn't really love me. I don't know. I just hope HubbyButt and the Princess have a strong. loving relationship and that she knows that she can always turn to her Daddy with any problem she has.

Thanks to HubbyButt for figuring out how to post the pic/link for me!

Monday, June 28, 2010

What A Day!

So, today was supposed to be day 2 of 30 days of me, but that's gonna have to wait for tomorrow, because I have to tell you about my day today.

Yesterday, I hit my pregnant belly with a steel cart at work. The impact was enough to make me double over, and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, so that's saying something. I left work about 20 minutes early and came home and rested for the remainder of the day. When I woke up this morning, I was really really sore all over my belly, not just where the cart hit, and I was having some sharp pains and a bit of a hard time breathing. I called my doctor's office and they told me to go ahead and go to the hospital so they could get the baby on monitors and just make sure everything was okay with her.

When we got to the hospital, I was called right back and wasn't even triaged in emergency before they took me to labor and delivery. Of course, HubbyButt didn't join me when they called me back, thinking they'd take my info, my temp, and my blood pressure, then send me back out to wait for an ER room to open up, so I was all alone in L&D until I texted HubbyButt to see where he was. Silly boy was waiting patiently for me in the ER waiting room, wondering what was taking so long.

After an hour of sitting in the room in L&D, a nurse tried to bring another patient into the room, thinking it was empty (I guess the nurse that checked me in forgot I was there or something). Right after that, my nurse came in and took all my info and got me set up on the monitors. She also gave me a clicker to use whenever Princess moved, since I had mentioned she'd been moving, but less than usual. An hour and a half after being on the monitors, the nurse came back and told HubbyButt and I what was going on. Princess' heart-rate was steady, but had dropped a couple times, and my doctor had okayed an ultrasound, just to make sure everything was really okay (Princess has had a high, steady heart-rate since day 1, and it's not normal for her to let it drop), but it was going to be awhile before they could get me into ultrasound. HubbyButt had to get home to change for work at that point, so he left after making sure his mom could come and pick me up when they released me.

About ten minutes after HubbyButt left, his mom showed up to keep me company. It was so great having her there with me! She got to really see Princess moving around, as Princess did not like the monitors at that point and kept trying to kick them off my belly, which was awesome. Finally, two hours after being told I'd have an ultrasound, the nurse came back and let me know they were ready for me. Princess was more than happy to oblige and behaved herself during the ultrasound, moving and just letting us know she was okay. At one point, the ultrasound tech actually said the baby has a pretty little face! That made my day for sure. *The picture here is NOT from today. HubbyButt treated me to a 3D ultrasound two weeks ago.*

About half an hour after the ultrasound, the nurse came in and said everything looks good, and I was good to go, I just needed to remember to take it easy and steer clear of steel work carts.

So, I guess I'm just an overanxious mommy-to-be. I'm really glad I decided to go in and get checked out, since I tend to worry and I'd probably be in a bit of a panic now if I didn't know for sure that Princess was still perfectly happy in her bubble. Hopefully we won't have to go back to the hospital until she's 100% ready to make her grand appearance!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day 1: My Favorite Song

First off, thanks to Rachel over at The Life and Times of a Military Spouse for posting the 30 Days of Me topics. Since I'm just getting into the groove of blogging and actually want to keep it up, having a list of stuff to talk about is going to be really helpful!

So let's get started! Day 1: My Favorite Song

Man, I have a TON of favorite songs. Right now, it's Tedashii's "Make War," but that's probably just because it's what's currently playing on my iPod. Our pastor played the video for this song at church back in December or January. It kind of shocked me; what sounds like gangster rap is NOT what I expect to hear at church, but that's what we love about Valley Bible! I love the message Tedashii is sending in this song! Instead of just whining about how much we sin and don't deserve salvation, he encourages us to get up and DO something about it! Instead of allowing ourselves to get caught up in sinful thoughts and behaviors, we can make war "against lust/against pride/against me/until I die." I don't think he means physical death; I think he means we can die to ourselves and be reborn in Christ's salvation.

I also love just about anything Ricky Berger sings. My friend Kat and I were at a coffee shop in Sacramento a couple years ago pretending to study when we got caught up in a concert Ricky was giving, and I've loved her music ever since! "If," "Silly Boy, Goodnight," and "Shmaltz" are a few of my favorite songs of hers. Ricky's voice is absolutely beautiful and I love that she writes everything herself. If she ever decides to perform in Bakersfield, I will be there for sure!

I cannot, of course, leave off mine and HubbyButt's wedding song. "All Along" by Remedy Drive. Yes, it's a Christian song, but it also captures what HubbyButt and I both felt when we reunited. We had met in high school and both of us recalls having a crush on the other and that time, but we were both too timid to do anything about it (which is probably a good thing!). HubbyButt graduated in 2002, two years before me, and we lost contact. I found him on Facebook around Christmas 2008, and we just totally connected. What we had been looking for had been in front of us all along. The day we got married, we found Air1 on the radio in the limo after the ceremony, and they were playing our song. We both knew at that moment that, even though we got married very quickly, it was the right thing for us.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our First Anniversary!

It's so hard to believe how quickly this last year has gone by! At the same time, though, it's amazing to think it's only been a year since we said "I do." I mean, we're 2/3 of the way to having a baby, we've moved into a house (as HubbyButt says, "It doesn't matter that we're still renting, a house is a house."), and it really seems like we've been together forever.

I was looking at our wedding pictures, feeling all sentimental, and I decided that my favorite is this one. The look on HubbyButt's face is just so cute!

So how did we spend our anniversary? Not the way we thought we would! I had requested the day off over a month ago, but HubbyButt forgot, and he probably would have been scheduled anyway, so we didn't get to go back to Lawry's The Prime Rib in Las Vegas like we wanted to (that's where we went for lunch after the ceremony last year, and it's a tradition we would have liked to keep up, but oh well). Instead, we just spent the day together, doing nothing special at all. I skipped out on my third trimester blood tests for the second time this week (I am NOT looking forward to the glucola!) and we just went shopping. We ended up going on a wild goose chase looking for the right cat food because Target stopped carrying what the little beasts are used to, then came home and watched the last 35 minutes of the USA/Ghana soccer game (a DIRTY 35 minutes on Ghana's part, I might add!), and took a nap. After our nap, our day together was over, as HubbyButt is working late tonight. Our day was perfect, in it's way. I just love spending time with HubbyButt and getting to have a nice days with him!