Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 12: Whatever Tickles My Fancy

I'm THRILLED about what tickles my fancy today. We'll be cloth diapering and we finally got Princess' first cover! We don't have a good place to buy diapers here in town, so we'll be using gDiapers. I haven't heard much bad feedback on gDiapers, and I'm thinking the all-in-one style is really going to work for us. When we told my in-laws we were primarily going to cloth diaper (I don't mind using disposables if we get any at our shower, but I'm not going to make a point of spending money on them), my mother-in-law got this scared look on her face. She'll be taking care of Princess once I go back to work in mid-January, and she's TERRIFIED of CDs! Thankfully, the gDiapers are pretty similar to sposies, and even have disposable liners, which we'll keep in the diaper bag. Part of the reason we bought the single cover is so that we can show HubbyButt's family how easy they are to use.

It's basically a three-layer system. On the outer layer you have (of course) the cover. Covers come in a whole bunch of different patterns and I really would like to try to make a couple of my own covers, just to save a bit more money and so I can match them to Princess' outfits without having to shop all over the internet. The covers are washable, which is awesome. The second layer is a vinyl liner that snaps into the cover. This layer is supposed to catch anything that leaks through the final inside layer, the liner. gDiaper liners come in two styles: reusable and disposable. The reusable liners are hemp, and these are what we'll be using while we're at home and running around town. The disposable liners are what I'm really super excited about. You can toss them, flush them, or compost them, so there's no waste if you decide to compost (I probably won't be composting just because we're renting and I don't want to start a compost pile in the backyard, but once we buy our own home, I'll compost for sure!). Like I said before, we'll keep the disposable liners in the diaper bag and use them for long trips and whatnot, when it's not pleasant to keep dirty liners in the car. The disposable liners are way more worth the money than sposies: gDiaper sposie liners come in a pack of 40 for about $15.

A big part of our decision to cloth diaper (well, my decision really, since HubbyButt doesn't care either way) is that we'd like to have a large family - 5 kids or more. We'll only have to buy all the cloth diapering supplies one time, and then we're set! Sure, I'm sure I'll buy more covers and liners with each child, but we'll really only be spending a lot of money one time, rather than a couple times a month, like we would with sposies.

If anybody has cloth diapered in the past, or is now, and has any tips whatsoever, PLEASE let me know! I'm sure Princess, HubbyButt and I will have quite a few adventures in cloth diapers, so I'll keep you updated once she arrives.


  1. Wow, my hat is off to you for making the commitment to use cloth diapers! I don't have any recent experience with those, but I can say that I helped diaper my younger brothers years ago. It was a pain with those chunky diaper pins. But it seems like cloth diapers have come quite a long way! Very cool.
    Stopping by from Mom Loop! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kelly! My aunt cloth diapered my cousin, who just turned 14. I was showing her the diaper the other and she was in awe at how much easier it is anymore.

    Also, showed my mother in law yesterday; her first reaction was a big old smile and, "I can do this!"