Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 10: A Picture of Me Taken More than 10 Years Ago

Wow! I asked my mom to send me a picture that was at least ten years old, and she sent me one that's NINETEEN years old. This was taken at my fifth birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. The boy in the picture is my mom's best friend's son, Brandon. Brandon and I spent our entire childhood together - it seems like all the pictures of me around this age and younger feature Brandon. Our moms always hoped that we would get married, but that didn't happen. I remember I used to chase Brandon around his grandparent's house trying to kiss him; he would eventually run inside the house and lock everyone out until I left.

It also seems like all of my birthday parties until we moved to Bakersfield when I was six were held at Chuck-E-Cheese. I think it was actually the day this picture was taken that Brandon gave me a ring for my birthday; I put it on and went to play in the ball pit (always my favorite) and the ring fell off and was lost forever.

I don't think I'll ever take Princess to Chuck-E-Cheese on my own accord. If there's a birthday party or some such thing, she'll probably go, but HubbyButt and I much prefer John's Incredible Pizza. Not that the food is better, but the games and whatnot are much more fun. At the local one here, there are bumper cars and go-karts, as well as all the games. It's all inside and never as cramped and busy as Chuck-E-Cheese.

What were some of your favorite birthday parties growing up? Would you do the same for your kids, or something different?


  1. There were five of us growing up so we always did the "home party" but I have to say they were fun. I did one with my son last year. We did the sack races, bobbing for apples and all. He still talks about how much fun it was.

  2. Cute picture!

    Did you guys have Showbiz back then too? It was like Chuck E Cheese, but I liked it better. Of course, Chuck E put it out of business.

    My favorite bday parties were always at this outside skating rink that also had a huge swimming pool. Or I'd have a pool party at my grandparent's house, which was also awesome!

    My son is 4 and we haven't had parties anywhere other than my mom's house so far. His last one (when he turned 4) was a zombie themed party, and he says he wants a carrot party next year, what that entails I have no idea!