Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Update and BIG NEWS

I'm going to go ahead and start a tradition of my own here: Sunday Updates. I get so busy during the week that I don't always have time to tell you about every minute of my day (tee-hee), so I'll use my posts on Sundays to give you the run-down of the whole prior week.

This week was HUGE for us.

The biggest news, with the greatest impact on us is that I quit my job! I gave notice yesterday that I will not be returning to work. I know, I know, we're broke. But, like I've said before and will say again: GOD WILL PROVIDE. HubbyButt and I prayed and prayed and prayed over this decision; we wrote and re-wrote a budget to see if we could do it; finally, the decision was made for us when my manager disregarded my availability in writing the schedule. I know it seems trivial, but there are so many important moments in Monkey's life, and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I missed any of them while working for The Man.

So, that is obviously going to change a whole lot of other things in our life as a family. The budget just got tighter, but we've made it so far, and I'll begin babysitting Monkey's best friend in either March or April. We're going to be just fine.

Update on our Sam's Club purchases:
We have used 1 pound of ground beef. HubbyButt and I don't eat much at each sitting, so we have a lot of leftovers. I'm still eating the macaroni and cheese with hamburger for lunches. I browned and froze the rest for future use.

We have cooked 1 chicken and are still eating off of that as well; I attempted chicken soup, but that went down the drain because it somehow got burned and was just plain nasty. Next time, I'll use a recipe. For lunch today, I had chicken and brocolli over (white) rice with cheese sauce (homemade, super easy). Once I figure out how to add posts under the Recipes heading on the home page, I'll add it there. Next time, I'll use brown rice, since it's healthier and has a bit more flavor than white rice.

HubbyButt is still happily munching away on the sourdough pretzels. I haven't had any.

We have yet to use any of the canned veggies we picked up; I'll be incorporating them into our meal plan this week.

The milk and cereal, of course, are disappearing quite quickly, as is the bread.

Update on my Weightloss Goals
Last week, I weighed Monkey and myself. I'm happy to report that Monkey is a healthy 13 pounds, and am sad to report that I was an unhealthy 230 pounds.

On Tuesday, HubbyButt cut my soda intake completely off. I've not only saved $5.40 (I was spending $1.08 daily for a large Dr. Pepper at McDonald's), but I've lost 5 and a half pounds!!! At my weigh-in last night, I was at 224.6. I've been drinking much more water and just a little bit of juice, about one glass a day.

This week, I'll begin walking with my friend Anna again. She was in Denmark over the holidays and I am sooooo excited to see her again! I'm sure Monkey is excited to see her best friend Smiley again, as well!

Update on Christ-relationship Goals
I decided to join Mom's Toolbox in Reading the Bible in 90 Days. I started on Monday and have finished Genesis; I'll be finishing Exodus tonight. It's so cool to see how quickly I'm making it through, and to see how many pages I've read so far.

I'll be joining HubbyButt's mom's Bible study beginning tomorrow night. We'll begin making our ways through Francis Chan's second book Forgotten God. I'm really excited to finally commit to a study group and build relationships with not only God, but all the ladies in the group.

Update on my Cleaning and Organizing Goals
I finally got Monkey's room clean and organized!! It took all week but it's finally done. I'm so proud of how it looks and how well it functions. I'll be doing a post later this week on cloth diapering and I'll show you then how I organize (among other things!) our diapers.
 Goals For This Week
Prepare and stick to a meal plan
Clean and organize the kitchen
Clean and organize our closet
Clean and organize the laundry area
Slim down to 220 pounds
Keep up with Bible and Bible study readings
Take lots and lots of pictures of Monkey, HubbyButt and myself

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