Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Praying for Scarlett Grace

Scarlett Grace was born five weeks after Monkey, on October 16. At her two-month check-up, it was discovered that she had developed a massive, and extremely rare, brain tumor. You can read her story at her parents' blog, called Butterflies.

Today, little Scarlett is having surgery to remove every little bit of that tumor; it is so large that there would be no point in attempting radiation or chemotherapy without her first undergoing this surgery. Her doctors expect to be done at midnight, but will stop then no matter what, even if that means returning in a few days to complete the procedure. Her surgery will begin in just a few minutes.

In support of Scarlett, and her parents Brandi and Chris, Monkey and I, and hundreds of other people, will be wearing red today. Even if it's just a red hair bow or earrings, it's going to be in support of Scarlett. This little girl needs all the prayer she can get, for healing and for strength, and her parents need prayer as well, also for strength, but for grace and peace while they see their little girl, who is fully dependent upon them, through the toughest journey she will ever face.

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