Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Diaper Stash Is Growing

I got my first two BumGenius 4.0s today, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I had ordered them from Kelly's Closet late on Saturday night and got free shipping, so I wasn't expecting them until the end of the week at the earliest, but when I got home from the grocery store this afternoon, there they were, just hanging out of the mailbox. I was thrilled.

After a quick wash, I got them on Monkey's butt. They are just too cute. I ordered them in Grasshopper and Bubble. Bubble is still a little bit damp from the wash, so she's wearing grasshopper. So far, I'm really liking them; I love the way they feel (they're suuuuper soft), and I like that you don't have to wash them every single time they're used even though they're an all-in-one (AIO). When they're poopy, just flush the poop and scrub them, then hang to dry; when they're wet, rinse them and hang to dry. They do have inserts that get changed and washed after each use, so I'll probably end up ordering a couple more sets and a whole bunch of inserts.

Here are a few pics of Monkey in the grasshopper diaper; I'll post pics of her in bubble tomorrow.

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  1. So cute - those DO look fluffy. The baby pics make me miss when mine were that tiny. So cute!