Sunday, October 17, 2010

Colic - O joy....

Monkey has colic. Big time. She'll scream and scream for hours. It breaks my heart, especially when the tears start and her lip starts quivering. She's just in so much pain and nothing I try really helps for very long. I'll swaddle her and she kicks it off in ten minutes. I'll try to burp her; again, it works for awhile but then it's no longer effective. I'll bounce her, which works the longest, but I can only bounce a nine pound baby for so long before my arms give out.

Finally, my cousins wife suggested Hyland's Colic Tablets. I had already tried gripe water, which (of course) only worked for awhile, as well as gas drops (they help, but only when I put them right in her bottle, which she doesn't always keep down), so I went to Rite Aid and bought the tablets.


I just dissolve two of them in a tablespoon of water and give it to her through a bottle. She usually falls asleep in five to ten minutes. They're homeopathic, so they don't have any drugs in them and they can be given more often than gripe water or gas drops - every 15 minutes until the pain is gone.

I have a feeling, though, that what I'm calling colic is actually reflux. We have a check-up tomorrow, so I'll make sure the pediatrician knows what's going on. Along with the screaming, she has a tendency to throw up her bottles as long as an hour after feeding, she's had hiccups every day since birth, she'll pull off the bottle or breast screaming this horrible shrill scream, and a bunch of other stuff I can't think of at the moment. I'm going to ask the doctor how he feels about putting a little bit of rice cereal in her bottle to help it stay down; I've read that some doctors suggest it, and only prescribe drugs if it doesn't help much. I'd much rather start her on cereal early than start her on prescription meds this early.

Has anybody else dealt with colic and/or reflux and have any advice? It would be greatly appreciated!

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