Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 2: My Favorite Movie

Easy one! Far and away, My Girl. My Girl was my first favorite movie, and I just always come back to it. I think it's something about the father/daughter/new woman thing that just gets me. I've never had a good relationship with my dad, and even though Veda's relationship with her dad is distant and somewhat dysfunctional, it was always paradise compared to what my dad and I shared (or didn't share...). At least Veda's dad was around and somewhat involved in her life; he knew her friends and, after Thomas Jay's death, it became clear just how much his little girl meant to him: this is the kind of father that would do anything to make sure his baby was really and truly okay.

Am I jealous of Veda's relationship with father? Of course I am. I remember the one time I said, "I love you" to my dad. We were doing the bi-weekly switch back to mom at the halfway point between Bakersfield and Porterville, and he didn't say it back. Instead, he gave me a one-armed hug and told me to behave myself. I was twelve years old and devastated. I was this man's only daughter and he couldn't make himself tell me he loved me too! Maybe it was the way he was brought up, maybe it was that he didn't really love me. I don't know. I just hope HubbyButt and the Princess have a strong. loving relationship and that she knows that she can always turn to her Daddy with any problem she has.

Thanks to HubbyButt for figuring out how to post the pic/link for me!

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