Sunday, June 27, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day 1: My Favorite Song

First off, thanks to Rachel over at The Life and Times of a Military Spouse for posting the 30 Days of Me topics. Since I'm just getting into the groove of blogging and actually want to keep it up, having a list of stuff to talk about is going to be really helpful!

So let's get started! Day 1: My Favorite Song

Man, I have a TON of favorite songs. Right now, it's Tedashii's "Make War," but that's probably just because it's what's currently playing on my iPod. Our pastor played the video for this song at church back in December or January. It kind of shocked me; what sounds like gangster rap is NOT what I expect to hear at church, but that's what we love about Valley Bible! I love the message Tedashii is sending in this song! Instead of just whining about how much we sin and don't deserve salvation, he encourages us to get up and DO something about it! Instead of allowing ourselves to get caught up in sinful thoughts and behaviors, we can make war "against lust/against pride/against me/until I die." I don't think he means physical death; I think he means we can die to ourselves and be reborn in Christ's salvation.

I also love just about anything Ricky Berger sings. My friend Kat and I were at a coffee shop in Sacramento a couple years ago pretending to study when we got caught up in a concert Ricky was giving, and I've loved her music ever since! "If," "Silly Boy, Goodnight," and "Shmaltz" are a few of my favorite songs of hers. Ricky's voice is absolutely beautiful and I love that she writes everything herself. If she ever decides to perform in Bakersfield, I will be there for sure!

I cannot, of course, leave off mine and HubbyButt's wedding song. "All Along" by Remedy Drive. Yes, it's a Christian song, but it also captures what HubbyButt and I both felt when we reunited. We had met in high school and both of us recalls having a crush on the other and that time, but we were both too timid to do anything about it (which is probably a good thing!). HubbyButt graduated in 2002, two years before me, and we lost contact. I found him on Facebook around Christmas 2008, and we just totally connected. What we had been looking for had been in front of us all along. The day we got married, we found Air1 on the radio in the limo after the ceremony, and they were playing our song. We both knew at that moment that, even though we got married very quickly, it was the right thing for us.

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