Friday, February 11, 2011

I Just Keep Getting Crunchier and Crunchier!

We FINALLY have a store in town that sells cloth diapers, and everything green! Woo hoo!!!

This means that I'm going to be getting a whole lot crunchier. I am so so excited!

Already this week (I know it's Friday for everyone else, but around our house, it's Wednesday), I've cut up 3 t-shirts to replace the paper towels we won't be buying anymore, started washing my face using the oil cleansing method, and I've started washing our laundry with Soap Nuts.

The best part is that HubbyButt doesn't mind that our house is getting greener by the second!

Having Greenshops open up this week was such a blessing! We just discovered that Monkey is allergic to microsuede and microfleece, which is what most of the stay-dry linings on our cloth diapers are. That means that those diapers are no longer going to be part of our rotation for Monkey (I wanted to sell them, but HubbyButt and his mom convinced me to keep them for baby number two - who is NOT currently in the works). That also means that Monkey has been in the same 16 diapers all week! She's NOT allergic to natural fibers, so we've been using our unbleached cotton prefolds and the two bamboo fitteds we own.

Thankfully, Greenshops carries organic bamboo (OBV) AND organic cotton fitteds! Yaaay! We were able to really stock up on diapers for Monkey today during their sidewalk sale. We got a 6 pack of OBV fitteds and a single cotton fitted, plus a bag of Soap Nuts and a gorgeous new sling for just over $100! It was a total steal and I'm thrilled!

I'm so excited to get some action shots of the sling in particular. It's pink silk and is absolutely gorgeous!

In other wonderful news, Monkey rolled from back to belly for the first time today! She's been rolling from belly to back since the beginning of November, but hadn't been able to figure out how to get back until today, when I was moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer. I guess it's time to start babyproofing!

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